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Yeah, well, today has been a pretty relaxed day. Seeing as I’m a newly found vegetarian, I thought I might as well tag along with my parents to go grocery shopping. I bought most of the things Veto recommended: Rice Milk, avocados, and Romaine Lettuce. I did not in fact buy any MorningStar foods, and this was simply out of disgust out of the food selection. I don’t really feel like typing, so, I’ll post a big one tomorrow.

Beirut – Gulag Orkestar- http://rapidshare.com/files/29554238/Gulag_Orkestar.zip.html


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Yes, if your name is Chris, then you are. I was eating some chicken at school, and thought about what it was I was in fact eating, skin and meat. Gross.

Then Thursday night, I decided to start. I’m not going to jump right into salads and vegetables. That night I did have a salad only. Then today I had some toast, PBJ, and a “Veggie” sub from Bellachino’s. Very Very Good.

By the way, I’m going to eat Cheese, Milk, and other dairy products. This is simply because I don’t think milk is a bad thing.

On Xbox Live (xHolland 1945),my friend xVetox, talked to me for about 15 minutes straight about his Post Vegan- Vegetarian life. Very inspiring.

Drew doesn’t think I can do it. I’ll show him!!!! HaHa.

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