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Yeah, I love Conor Oberst and everything he does (except Cassadega, cause that was just bad).  Did you know that ‘Outer South’ comes out on May 5? It’s funny, because that’s the day my brother was born. Ok ok, maybe that wasn’t as humouros as I originally thought.

I hate how Last.fm only plays Saddle Creek bands when I’m trying to explore music. It is frustrating, but it renews my love for Neva Dinova.  Jake Bellows is an amazing singer, and I can get past his semi-monotone voice. While we’re on the topic of Saddle Creek, my favourite lady not on them anymore , Maria Taylor, just released her new album ‘Lady Luck’.

I fuckin’ hate the mall. I know you don’t know much about me, but among the mall and spiders, wiggers rank very high. I understand white people that grow up in that enviroment, but (I live in the suburbs of Springfield, IL) the kids in my neighbourhood shouldn’t be sagging their pantaloons and wearing ‘South Pole’. Now, this wouldnt have been brought up if it weren’t for this gentlemen. His name is Seth, and he was one of my ex’s ex. I’m not going to lie about the whole communial girl thing made me mad, it didn’t, but the fact that I know he has money, and the fact I know he doesn’t live a hard life. Another thing, he had a “Trash ‘Stache”, a short but notticable mustache, and a gold chain. It pisses me off.

But I did apply at GameStop, and I did have a Mocha coffee at Gloria Jeans, with Soy Milk!

Let us get to the music portion of this whiny masterpeice that I call my life. I listened to Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins on the way and back, and it was truly supreme. ‘Handle Me With Care’ seriously made me play it back three times. (Jenny Lewis + Ben Gibbard + Matt Ward + Conor Oberst) = Musical Perfection. Just saying.

Master List of Downloads: http://zegustavuxxx.blogspot.com/2008/07/blog-post.html


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Yeah, well, today has been a pretty relaxed day. Seeing as I’m a newly found vegetarian, I thought I might as well tag along with my parents to go grocery shopping. I bought most of the things Veto recommended: Rice Milk, avocados, and Romaine Lettuce. I did not in fact buy any MorningStar foods, and this was simply out of disgust out of the food selection. I don’t really feel like typing, so, I’ll post a big one tomorrow.

Beirut – Gulag Orkestar- http://rapidshare.com/files/29554238/Gulag_Orkestar.zip.html

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Yes, if your name is Chris, then you are. I was eating some chicken at school, and thought about what it was I was in fact eating, skin and meat. Gross.

Then Thursday night, I decided to start. I’m not going to jump right into salads and vegetables. That night I did have a salad only. Then today I had some toast, PBJ, and a “Veggie” sub from Bellachino’s. Very Very Good.

By the way, I’m going to eat Cheese, Milk, and other dairy products. This is simply because I don’t think milk is a bad thing.

On Xbox Live (xHolland 1945),my friend xVetox, talked to me for about 15 minutes straight about his Post Vegan- Vegetarian life. Very inspiring.

Drew doesn’t think I can do it. I’ll show him!!!! HaHa.

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