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So, I’ve fallen into a bad habit on my days off.¬† Last night for example, I had plans of getting my paycheck, downloading music, ( <— is that an Oxford Comma?) and playing some video games with my friends. But, of course, this was ruined by my part time narcolepsy. The event occurred around six ish, I passed out, and was awaken by the call of dinner. Then afterwards, I went to asleep, again, and much deeper.The Rumb Thumb

While sleeping too much isn’t the hardest thing for me to get over, this time it was. I did nothing for five hours, where as, I could have been catching up on sleep

I played a hour of video games, listened to music, and texted Tiffany. Usually this would have been ok, but I was up until two in the morning. As that would be bad usually, I have PSAE class and work tonight. Good News!

One good thing did come out of this. I informed Jessica via myspace that I had taken a liking to Christine, and though it took six days, I did finally get a reply. Jessica ( She’s fairly short, so I may call her “Tiny’) said that Christine and I would be a “cute” couple, which is moderately meaningless to me, but I took it as a compliment. Jessica also mentioned that she would bring it up with Christine (hopefully Wednesday). So, I do have something to look forward to. I’m not necessarily expecting a Yes, more of some closure on that part of my life.

Now, music was the more dominent part of last night, so I’ll go into some depth as far as that goes. The first artist, yes artist, I took a liking to was Gregory and The Hawk. I dont have Wikipedia at hand, so I can’t rattle of her name, but it’s a woman that is the main focus. She has a very innocent voice, and that gets to me. The second band I took a liking to was Ra Ra Riot. Eventually you’ll learn that I’m a sucker for a Cello or Violin, well generally and orchestra instroment. This excludes the Saxophone, that is just plain annoying.

I’ve been pretty up and down emotionally today. In art I was happy, then math angry, then theatre sad, and now in cisco I’d say I’m pretty complacent. I’m not the happiest person you’ll meet, but if you smile at my jokes, I’ll smile back.

I’m also wondering if anybody reads this. Probably not

Ra Ra Riot- The Rhumb Line  www.megaupload.com/?d=REIQP3QV


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