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So, today is an odd day, to say the least. I am of course in High School. Well, in my theater class, that I love, we are doing plays. My group consists of one of my friends, an ex girlfriend from seventh grade, and other assorted people. Unfortunately the directer is my ex, which makes getting an OK grade semi difficult. One major thing to have is your script, moderately obvious, I always lose mine. One of the assorted people in a sophomore named Ryan. Somehow Ryan thought stealing my script, and using it as his. Keep in mind, I had my lines pointed out on my script. So, I was under the thought that I had lost mine once again, little did I know Ryan was using it. This being said, I went to borrow his(my) script and found that it was mine. So, My ex and I confronted him and HE DENIED IT. This leads me to the main point. How can someone think that stealing is ok? I’ll admit, in my youth I stole some, but now I’m mature. Not only was it stealing, he had to have known this was hurting my grade. I am fairly proud of my grades. So, I’ll copy his script and keep my mouth shut, because, sigh, I’m to passive to care.

So much for ranting. My new found love is in fact, PLAID. I have two shirts, but alas, one is two small. I’m going to go to JC Pennys and get some. I also need new headphones and drop CD’s off at work for Lauren.

I burnt her: White Blood Cells, Elephant, and Deja Stijl by The White Stripes and Hazards of Love by The Decemberists

This is New: Currently Listening to: Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s

No DownLoad!!!!!


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