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Your the corpse in the class. Those two lines make me want to sink into oblivion. Now, I’ve been depressed since, well, let’s say winter sophmore year. But, nowadays it’s mainly a girl issue. OK, not so much a girl issue, more like a human issue. It’s come to my attention that I don’t “Have Anyone”. This is not said in the sense of family or friends, but more like a person that I can turn to and TALK TO (not text, not myspace). Someone that can look me in the eyes and feel what I’m feeling. Someone that I can open up to with them rejecting me, or thinking I’m an overemotional child.

I would be lying if I were to say that I didn’t love someone, because I do. But, I can convince myself that feel anything that is anywhere close to what I feel. I would so anything for her, I would take a bullet for her, and these words do not come from desperation, rather from truth and thought. God knows I’ve had enough sleepless nights thinking and conversing with myself. I was explaining to a friend that, I’ve built up such a wall around myself. It’s a wall built with Music, Loneliness, and Seclusion. I’ve gotten so used to myself that I don’t try for other life. But, there’s always that dying urge inside of me that I need her.

When I was working on my last album, and some of my new one, I played her every song. Now, I don’t know if you know what it’s like to play your crush love songs about her, but all you want is for her to realize that they are all about her. I just want to SCREAM “I NEED YOU”, but I’m probably the most intimidated person ever. And, guess who intimidates me! ME! I DO! I don’t want to be happy, my brain says, so I’m going to mess up everything well and good going for you.

I stood out in the forty degree rain for this girl. I got sick for her! And I would do it a million times over.

This is why I love Conor Oberst. I feel like he knows me, I know I know, everyone feels this, and I’m ok with being a member of this group. He’s the only man I want to sing for me, I only want to hear him to comfort me. For instance, right now I’m listening to Noise Floor, and loving it. It’s funny, this post was supposed to be about Bright Eyes when I was thinking of posting.

So, Ill


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Yesterday, I was looking at shirts at Saddle Creek, Bright Eyes/ Maria Taylor/ Cursive etc, and ended up venturing to the Team Love Records site. I never really looked around the site, but as of yesterday, I’m somewhat, mad at myself. While I am a fan of buying Cd’s, I vastly prefer downloading them via itunes or megaupload. Specifically, I buy albums that are very indie, and the artist isn’t well known. But I digress, Team love had come with one of the most ingenuis and “self-defeating” idea ever, the music library! Not only is this a great thing for music lover, but also a good idea for the computer savy. I enjoy it for the later. The sign up is free, and worth the 2 minutes. This month’s (March) selections include : Flowers Forever, The Berg Sans Nipple, Tilly and the Wall, David Dondero, Nik Freitas, and Sarah Winchester.

Out of these, I managed to get four onto my iPod.

David Dondero’s six studio album “South of the South”. I had this on my old Ipod, but that met a sink unforunatly. It is definitly like his other albums, the majority are traveling songs. The song “Journal Burning Party” is pretty funny. And, “I’ve Seen the Love” is a good example of his writing skill and usage of analogies.

The Berg sans Nipple was one of the four I’d never heard of, and there (to me) a mix of a typical indie rock band and Animal Collective

On the Nik Freitas album, I only got three songs in and I had to stop. It’s one of those albums where you need to listen to the lyrics to understand the concept. But,  he is one of the member of Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band. Which makes me some what attracted to his music. I think I read somewhere that he was similar to the Beatle and Elliott Smith, I agree.

This is my favorite out of the four. Sarah Winchester. The name didn’t ring any bells either for me. It shouldn’t for you unless your a scholar in the art of Portland Indie. She is one of the members of A Weather. Now, A Weather is a “Chamber Pop” band, similar to an electric Sam Bean or a fully backed Elliott Smith. On A Weather’s first cd “Cove”, I fell in love with the song “Small Potatoes”, very catchy and very quiet. On Sarah Winchester’s Ep “The Northeast Kingdom Demos”, she has captured my love for her music. When I listen to her songs, it reminds me so much of Delayed in Vancuver/ Aubree Kutcher. That name will probably be annonomus with most, but she used to have an amazing Youtube channel, and still maintains a Myspace page. Both of these women have an amazing sense of melody and melancholy. I will admit, title track is my favorite. But, check her out, you won’t be let down.

Team Love Library- http://library.team-love.com/category/library/

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