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That Cadillacs blend into sunrises?

Bikes don’t do well on gravel?

Rochester is slowly becoming a different town?

 I’ll begin with cadillacs. I was going to go down this little grass hill, when a tan cadillac came out from nowhere and almost hit me. Now, I will admit that I was the stupid one, but, he had plenty of time to swerve (more). At the end of the day, I am now scared shitless of being hit by a car. The look on that man’s face made me what to find him, and buy him some dinner. If he’s reading this ( He’s not) , I’m sorry.

The High School parking lot is completely covered with extremely loose gravel. When did this happen? I guess I don’t really notice, because the only time I’m in that area, I’m in my car. But nevertheless, I almost fell, twice. I don’t wear a helmet either. I could’ve died. My life flashed before my eyes.

Now, Rochester. I am in love with this town, but at the same time I hate the inhabitants. I really love the old timey feel of the “Downtown”, but NOTHING is modern. One of the churches is thinking of putting up a cafe, I am very much for this. Not only would it provide a hangout, but I would also like to showcase some of my music, and hopefully Maxx can join me. I digress, when I was young Rochester seemed like a vast land of buildings and tiny subdivisions. Now all I see is construction, which is good, but they’re building a Field House next to the school. Seeing as I only participate in golf, I don’t really care for this. Do we really need to build this monstrocity? No. We barely have enough money to pay our teachers a modest salary. I don’t know if anyone remembers four years ago, but we were streching to build a new Junior High. How can we pay for a Feild House, and a new Elementary School. I hate it. And in that topic, I hate most of the people at my school, heyt, let’s be loud and obnoxious. That’s cool right?

Ben Gibbard is now .2 steps from being next to Conor Oberst. Who covers “Thriller” and “Complicated.

This Man.

Ben Gibbard- “Thriller”- http://www.mediafire.com/?uyddg9awmll


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Yeah, I love Conor Oberst and everything he does (except Cassadega, cause that was just bad).  Did you know that ‘Outer South’ comes out on May 5? It’s funny, because that’s the day my brother was born. Ok ok, maybe that wasn’t as humouros as I originally thought.

I hate how Last.fm only plays Saddle Creek bands when I’m trying to explore music. It is frustrating, but it renews my love for Neva Dinova.  Jake Bellows is an amazing singer, and I can get past his semi-monotone voice. While we’re on the topic of Saddle Creek, my favourite lady not on them anymore , Maria Taylor, just released her new album ‘Lady Luck’.

I fuckin’ hate the mall. I know you don’t know much about me, but among the mall and spiders, wiggers rank very high. I understand white people that grow up in that enviroment, but (I live in the suburbs of Springfield, IL) the kids in my neighbourhood shouldn’t be sagging their pantaloons and wearing ‘South Pole’. Now, this wouldnt have been brought up if it weren’t for this gentlemen. His name is Seth, and he was one of my ex’s ex. I’m not going to lie about the whole communial girl thing made me mad, it didn’t, but the fact that I know he has money, and the fact I know he doesn’t live a hard life. Another thing, he had a “Trash ‘Stache”, a short but notticable mustache, and a gold chain. It pisses me off.

But I did apply at GameStop, and I did have a Mocha coffee at Gloria Jeans, with Soy Milk!

Let us get to the music portion of this whiny masterpeice that I call my life. I listened to Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins on the way and back, and it was truly supreme. ‘Handle Me With Care’ seriously made me play it back three times. (Jenny Lewis + Ben Gibbard + Matt Ward + Conor Oberst) = Musical Perfection. Just saying.

Master List of Downloads: http://zegustavuxxx.blogspot.com/2008/07/blog-post.html

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