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Love is Simple

I downloaded a remixed copy. That’s irony.

Jeez Akron/Family is good. I think, not only because of their music, but because of the inclusion of punctuation in their name. Now, I just downloaded their new album, “The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinzu TNT.” Crazy. It starts off like you are getting digitally attacked by an N64. Beeps Beeps Beeps. Anyway. That song starting really got me off track mentally. I had a really elaborate play where I was going to talk about something every day on here. Way to go Akron/Family!

I’d be getting off work right around now.

I’m starting to realize that song lengths scare me. It’s truly a horrible thing. I say this because I feel as though I may not get fully involved with a song if I can constantly fearing it will bore me. Bay of pigs (detail) by Destroyer is nearly 9 minutes long and I still like it. It’s all in the change. Humans get bored. We need to play. So, by that I mean our music needs to change. Yeah, that’s it.

I think there’s a part of every person that needs to have something to let loose with. To just be natural. In today’s modern it can be anything. (Man, I’m really getting into this whole Crazy electronic soundscapes listening blog writing thing). 127  hours messed me up.


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So, long time no talk. Well, I made a really good mushroom burger with sweet potato fries. It was amazing, need I say more? No.

I’ve been digging the fairly new Spoon lately, as well as hitting up the NPR whilst I cook.


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I’m fasting again. How long? I’m not sure. Maybe just until Monday.

The new Futureheads is good.

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So, I downloaded the Reissued One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels by Bright Eyes & Neva Dinova, and I’m impressed. I’ve always been a ND fan and admitantly a BE fan as well, but this makes me happy. It seems like a more well-rounded version of the two. Not only that, but I totally binged on Neva today at school. College! Chica Chica!

What else? I went on a nice, although challenging, bike ride today and jammed to Akron/Family. Let me tell you about my weird mental elaboration with this band. To me, Akron/Family, Devotcha, and Bowerbirds are all kind of the same band. Weird, Right? Yeah, I know. Well, needless to say I really enjoyed Akron/Family’s “Love is Simple”. Ok, minus a few skipped halfway tracks that I just couldn’t handle. But, from now on they will be on my folk-exp phase mixes. Suggested track: Don’t be afraid, you’re already dead.

I went to buy new ear buds (mine met a countertop in an angry rage and broke) and got some. That wasn’t my best sentence. Well, when I got home I was talking to my father about noise cancelling headphones and he had a pair lying around! Brand New! Awesome! (They are awesome and so was the coincidink)

Other news: I love being vegan. I’ll just say that straight up.

I’ve been finding myself really bored (and starting quite a few new paragraphs), so I think I may be updating this blizzog more often. Let’s be honest, all you hardworking folks deserve it!

One jug: http://hotfile.com/dl/32038048/f6d0ad6/2girls1jug.zip.html

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What’s New?

I’ve downloaded so much free music today.

I won’t give my opinion on it, I haven’t actually listened to it, but A Weather came out with a new album- Everyday Ballonos.

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My feet hurt really bad and Titus Andronicus was a m a z i n g. Enough that that required extra spacing.

Time to do Comp homework.


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Well, let me catch things up: Nothing really has changed much. I’m on spring break as of now, but that ends sunday. But, something good is happening soon. On sunday I’m going to a Titus Andronicus in-store concert in St. Louis with some friends (one of them more special than the rest). I guess that’s about it as far as my life. Oh, one more thing, my brother had to go to the hospital yesterday because he had a complex seizure. That wasn’t the best way to spend a Friday night, but that’s alright.

As far as music goes, I was running today to The Fashion, and they’re just great. They kind of remind me of a little bit of the Shout Out Louds, Bloc Party, and The Rapture. Nearly all of the songs on their CD “The Fashion” could be singles. However, “Like Knives” is the main single from the album. I liked “Untitled”.

The fashion The fashion http://www.mediafire.com/?zmoljwyymei

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