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I have school tomorrow, which ends my nearly 2 week break. Thank you nature. I love you.


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Love is Simple

I downloaded a remixed copy. That’s irony.

Jeez Akron/Family is good. I think, not only because of their music, but because of the inclusion of punctuation in their name. Now, I just downloaded their new album, “The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinzu¬†TNT.” Crazy. It starts off like you are getting digitally attacked by an N64. Beeps Beeps Beeps. Anyway. That song starting really got me off track mentally. I had a really elaborate play where I was going to talk about something every day on here. Way to go Akron/Family!

I’d be getting off work right around now.

I’m starting to realize that song lengths scare me. It’s truly a horrible thing. I say this because I feel as though I may not get fully involved with a song if I can constantly fearing it will bore me. Bay of pigs (detail) by Destroyer is nearly 9 minutes long and I still like it. It’s all in the change. Humans get bored. We need to play. So, by that I mean our music needs to change. Yeah, that’s it.

I think there’s a part of every person that needs to have something to let loose with. To just be natural. In today’s modern it can be anything. (Man, I’m really getting into this whole Crazy electronic soundscapes listening blog writing thing). 127¬† hours messed me up.

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