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Happy Birthday to me.


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So, I love running. I’ve mentioned it a million times. I like feeling the wind against my face, and the fresh air smells so good. I’m a fresh air fiend, cut me some slack. Anyways, today I ran for a really long time until I was so far away from my house that I was tired. First of all, that’s a serious problem. Have you ever wondered about long walks on the beach? What happens when you turn around. That’s a long way back. So, I was around three and half miles away from my habitual abode, when I reached a bridge. Said bridge isn’t very large, it’s quite modest. But, it did have a slew of things I took interest in. There were a billion birds in the sky, including three or four really big hawks. I just sort stared at them for a long time. I even had my music stopped and everything. Just picture it, it was nearing sunset, and everything is beautiful. After I got done creeping on the birds, I watched the water forever too. I won’t go into detail about the run back, except it was really hard, and I had to stop once. Even now I’m really tired, and I’m sure tomorrow will not be pretty.

In music news, why is every Xiu Xiu video super messed up? I don’t know. Jesus. Calm down with the choking and vomiting, but I still love them to death.

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So, that title reminds me of Parenthetical Girls. They have a song called Love Connection on their second album and a song called Love Connection Pt.2 on their first one(s).

That’s pretty much how my day’s been. Pretty parenthetical. I inhabit parenthesis, yes. I’m just kind of rambling here. Well, I’m trying to create a birthday list, and all I can think of is a Barnes and Noble gift card. Or! I could get a member card. I’m not sure how those work, so I’m moderately timid. I think it’s ten percent off, but what I’m not entirely sure of is how long it last. I think a month, but that’s pretty short

Music: What to put tonight? How about the song I’m listening to now,

Lightspeed Champion- When you were young (Killers Cover) – http://www.mediafire.com/?imigdxkmaqo

xx Chris

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Instead of going back and forth between email, Facebook, urban outfitters, and looking up random bands, I think I’ll post a nice little entry on Mr. aComedySoBlack.

However much I complain about Rochester, it does have some nice features. One of these nice features, and the only one I’m going to mention today, is the bike trail. I won’t go into much detail about it, because I hope you know what a bike trail is. Rochester’s is five miles long and extends to the outskirts of Springfield by th IDOT building. The trail itself used to be an old railroad track, but it was paved over and cleared away in… the early 2000’s. As you might guess, the trail is pretty scenic, with three bridges, and woods on one side (a highway on the other for half of it). Also, there’s a nice little farm half way through as well, fully equipped with goats and everything!

Well, today I wanted to go on a run, because I didn’t really feel like being cooped up in a gym for two hours, and also it’s like 50 degrees here (15c). So, I ended up with nice little six mile run, with only one stop. It felt really nice to be out and about running (even though I went running…. thursday). I like going to the gym, but sometimes I get sick of running around a little track 52 times. Yeah, 52 laps. And, that’s only four miles.

In other news, I’m recording a little album of covers for fun, and my fingers are thrashed. I haven’t been playing much guitar lately, so playing for three hours over two nights is really putting a hamper on the whole productivity thing. Even typing this is mildly painful. However! I will power through. It’s just that most of the songs are Post-punk/garage rock stuff and entails me using a lot of bar chords. Oh well.

Instead of a suggestion today, I’m thinking about a video clip. This is the band Neon Indian on Jimmy Fallon: http://pitchfork.com/news/37892-neon-indian-hit-fallon/ It’s really just pitchfork, but there’s a hulu video embedded. Enjoy! And, check out ?stlove’s (?) twitter post in the article. ISH!

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It’s a cold winter day

You’re out on your porch.

You’re smoking a cigarette in shorts and a t-shirt and slip on shoes

You pretend it’s summer

You watch your dog play in the snow and smile when it has a snow-stache

You feel light headed

You are listening to the E.P. you love

You can think about anything, but you choose to think of nothing

You feel so peaceful

You understand life and you understand death, and best of all, you understand yourself

You feel infinite

You want to say you’re sorry to everyone you’ve wronged. You want to hug the ones who’ve been nice to you

You watch the smoke rise. It can go anywhere, and so can you.

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Here’s some: Lightspeed Champion, The new Owen Pallet, new Parenthetical Girls,

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On tattoos

I’m really considering getting one on my birthday.

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