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Gee, I love that band.

So, last night I went to sleep listening to Cassadaga by Bright Eyes. Now, while I think that it is their worst album, I still like it. It’s different from their other stuff, which is refreshing. It’s calmer, if that makes sense. I’ve always said that Cassadaga sucks, but if it were by some random band, I’d love it and the praise would never stop. I guess this leads me to my main point- Conor Oberst can write anything and I’d listen to it with a smile on my face. Actually, with this comparison I’ll bring in The Mystic Valley Band. The “Conor Oberst” album reminds me somewhat of Cassadaga, just striped down more. Maybe that’s because there are no strings in the MYB, perhaps.

This song requires a whole new paragraph-Lime Tree. How can you not love this song? I may have talked about this before but, who care? Not me. I originally didn’t even has this song on my iPod. Honestly, I’m not sure how that even happened, because  I bought the CD. I guess my iTunes was just janky that day. I remember the first time I heard Lime Tree, I think it was in a car ride to…. Hillsboro? Maybe. Well, I remember the heart beating to loud line being the one that hit home first. Now, it’s the last verse or two that I love. It’s one of my favorite descriptions of death. I can’t believe Conor dreamt that.

It’s a pretty drury day in my room. Cassadaga’s playing, shoes are scattered throughout the floor, my lights are off, and it smells faintly like coffee. I guess that’s always my room, except the album changes regularly.

I think today is the first day I haven’t been thinking about my weight or what I’ve eaten today. I guess that’s good. I had breakfast (at 2 p.m.). Don’t judge my sleeping habits. Plus, everything is prettier at night.

My coffee is cold… I hate that.


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My brother is almost homeless and I can’t find a job. I’m fatigued like nothing else and I just want to sleep forever

apparently I typed up a Merry Christmas post and never submitted it. Good job me. It wasn’t great anyways.

I applied at 3 different places today. Some sort of miracle has to happen for me to get some sort of job soon. With college starting in a week or so I need some money to back me up. I don’t really do anything that has a price, so I guess that’s fortunate. I guess I got my old job so easily that I was just accustomed to that. Damn you Steak ‘n Shake! You Screwed me once more!

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So, it’s day two of fasting and I feel great! Actually, I do feel ok. I worked out for two hours, 15 mile bike ride/30 minutes of assorted abdominal things, this morning. I think I’m about negative 5000 calories over the past three days. So that’s about a pound a half. That’s pretty good as a guess weight loss, for it might be more, but also, for three days that’s a solid chunk of weight. This whole fasting thing has been different from my other attempt of not eating. This is because usually I get sad, angry, or irritable when hungry, but not this time. Maybe it’s because I’m getting pleasure out of the empty feeling that I’m experience, or maybe it’s the mental picture of feeling thinner that I see when I look in the mirror. Also, as far as vitamins, I’m still taking my multi everyday. So, I’m hoping to prevent anemia.

I made a new 8tracks playlist today. I’ve actually had this mix for quite a while jut stored up in my itunes, but a request caused it to be used. I would make another, but i don’t really have the need to make another list today. (Mainly because it takes so long to decide upon a subject and pick all those songs.) I have a lot of random mixes I’ve made for driving around that I might use. They don’t really “flow”, but they’re pretty solid as far as music goes.

I’m going to be making some resolutions soon.

This guy lives an hour away from me and his blog is supreme: http://ishouldgiveup.blogspot.com/

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That’s what I’m doing. I haven’t eaten since six o’clock Christmas day, and I plan to not eat until…. maybe monday. I’m sure this is bad for my health, but I feel thin. Oh, the anorexia is setting in. (chuckle chuckle). I had a nice christmas, but a nicer post-christmas. Well, really it was only about two hours today, but still…

Today I saw Sherlock Holmes, and honestly it was just as bad as I thought it was. My Sherlock is a nerd, not an action movie. I guess that’s an almost 2010 film for you-fights and explosions. It reminded me of Star Trek, yeah it’s a good movie movie, but as far as a Star Trek movie it was horrid. This was the same with SH. I’m sure I sound pretentious or whatever, but who cares.

I’ve been up late almost every night this week and I always hear weird noses coming from downstairs. Seeing as I’m scared of ghosts and neurotic of break-ins, I’m scared TO DEATH. I’ll be sleeping like a baby in an hour though.

Good Music: Bedhead. There’s also a band called A Weather (I’ve mentioned before) that said something about Bedhead in one of their songs. Bedhead is pretty ‘slowcore’ and sad, but I like it. It’s good two-in-the-mooooning music.

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Two today/ Three today

Broken Bells (Mercer, Mouse) are really good. I really really like “The Ghost Inside”.

This is actually an add on to this orignal post that was around three hours ago. But this is my holiday thought. Don’t you just wish you could have the one some(one)thing that you’ve wanted forever wrapped up, or standing, there waiting for you in the morning? What I’m saying here is that I want something more than all the artifcial things I be recieving tomorrow. I wish I could put it(her) on a list by its(her)self and recieve it on an exact date. Why can’t life be this easy? I guess it’s because then what would be the warm feeling you get when you actually get said thing(person). Isn’t that the excitement, the hunt for the feeling that is.  What’s humourous in this situation is that I’ve not hinted at the slightest as to my feelings on anything, and actually, I’m not quite sure if that’s for the good or not. I think so, but as past experiences show I’m not the best to judge situations. So, my Christmas will be full of Urban Outfitters V-necks, Skinny chinos, and partial emptyness, because there’s something not sitting under the tree waitng for me when I wake in the morning. No, that thing(person) is ten miles away doing something else than thinking of me. However, it(she) can rest assured that she’ll cross my mind more than once tomorrow. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Joyful whatever you celebrate. I hope you get everything you want, because I know I’ll be missing the biggest present of all.

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Nine Songs

That’s the movie I’m watching. Netflix has some really bad movies on it, and I think this one is the king. I don’t really understand if there is a plot or it’s just a mix between concert scenes, random sexual acts, and dialogue. Mostly, it’s sex.

I got photographed for the paper today. It was weird, mainly because I’ve never really been much for pictures. The photographer was really cool though.

I really want to listen to The Flaming Lip’s Pink Floyd album.

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Romance Is Boring by Los Campesinos! has leaked.

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