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You Go, I’ll Stay.

I really can’t have anything nice. You know?

Everything is fleeting.


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Go Go Go!

XX, look them up.

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Not Again.

I can’t keep my mind from wandering. It’s funny actually, I confuse real conversations with ones that are in my mind. If I ever say “I think I already told you this…”, this is because you did already hear it, in my mind.

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I finally finished my playlist entitled “Tan”. Picture a burlap sack, that sort of tan. The actually list (as I am too lazy to type the entire things) is on my 8tracks.com page. – LaDeeDumDum (Name). The list contains songs from Andrew Bird, Beirut, and The Decemberists, among others. I’m listeing to it right now, and I must say, I find it to be quite supreme.

My Speech teacher told me today that I am a very good writer, and that I should pursue some sort of acedemic degree. This I find very odd, seeing as it was out of the ordinary. She didn’t say it to impress me, but just to tell me. This makes me very happy indeed. I’m always the last person to realize that I am actually good at something, even though I’ve been at writing for a while now. This is true through songs, poems, or just general… BLOGGING!

I guess I’ll give you a download: Beirut (Tan Group) – http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tz1iygozjiz – March/Real People EP

PS: If you know how to put pictures up, tell me.

PSS: It may seem like I know, seeing as I had a post with a picture, but this is untrue. This is because I forgot, and I messed up the Ra Ra Riot post after that.

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Don’t you know that it’s insane?

I stayed home from school. I can’t leave now. Worst decision in my lifetime.

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Still Tired?

One major fault I have is that I study things too much. You might not know, but i analyze everything you say. And everytime we touch, kiss, speak, talk, hold each other. I’m counting each one, and if it doesn’t meet the correct amount needed, I am sad. It’s not as though I care about it, it’s just a number inside of my head that I need. I miss you already. It’s been three hours and I need to hear your voice, smell your smell, and feel your touch. I;m happy, please don’t mistake that, it’s just that I need to overcome some things. I’m growing up in front of you an everyone. I was older than most on the inside, I just am now starting to show it on the inside. I look for deeper humor, subtle lines, personal meaning. I need a personal meaning to everything. When you reach out for my hand, I’m pure. When you look stressed out, I’m clouded with worry. When you say I can’t leave, I’m in pure bliss. You’re everything I dream of. You make me things. You write me things. You stay with me. You make me ok with how things are. You don’t want me to be in trouble (This is a big thing with me). I think of you all the time. I can pass the time with you. I can smile with you. I can never leave you, yet everytime we meet it happens. Goodbye. Goodnight. I’ll miss you more and more everytime. The truth is I care about you, and I hope you can comprehend how great this is. I’ve never cared more about saying bye to someone.

Don’t say goodbye.

Don’t ever leave.

Don’t stop doing what I love about you. You.You.You.

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That’s what I am, but I know when I see Sara, I’ll be happy. I was like 5yearold-on- Mt. Dew- and- crack hyper, but I cooled down. I’m drowsy, and it’s horrible.

I went to sleep around three A.M. Then, I awoke at nine. I had the brilliant idea to go run five miles. Now I am dead.

____________________________________________________ I’m flat lining.

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