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I have to decide between two perfect people.

Listen to The Weakerthans.


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I keep seeing these depression medication commercials, and it weirds me out. Because, I’ve been there, I know how they feel. I want to help the people, people that I have never met. (And, I probably never will)

Some parents need to pay attention to their children more.

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I went to Lincoln Land today. Even though I’m planning on going to UIS, it was still nice to see the college ball in movement.

It’s weird being weird in a little town, and then suddenly being in an atmostphere where you’re the same as some people. Where I don’t feel out-of-place, or scared to act differently than other.

I have to take an English placement test, stupid ACT. How do I do well in mathmatics? But, I don’t actually register until October, which is kind of a drag.

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