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I say this after a realiztion of my life at the moment. I’ve started to take a liking towards Noise-Rock, Surf Punk, and weird music in general. Although this change is happening, I’ve found myself re-appreciatting my past musical choices, Regina Spektor/ Wilco/ The Cure, they’re pretty diverse, but I still enjoy them.

I’m going to start posting every Wednesday.

PS: RIP Jay Bennet

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Considering I’ve been gone so long.

I wrote three new songs over the past two days, they’re pretty weird but ok

I’m really tired of school, and finals are next week.

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I Suck!

Yeah, especially at blogging

Check out The MicroPhones-Pt2

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I watched Juno again Thursday night . I still love it.

So much stuff is whirling in my brain right now, it’s making it hard to¬†transfer thought to words.

I’m not going to collect any new music this week. I’ve found myself lost in my everexpanding abbyss of new bands.

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