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That’s almost my new slogan. It has a ring to it. Like, well, I can’t think of an example.

I think I mentioned this previously, but I love Kind Of Like Spitting. That has a ring to it! Aha! I wanted to show their awesomeness, but the video I found was so, well, disgusting. Don’t get me wrong here, I love his their (his) music, but his appearance startled me. He looked like Jamie Josta (Hatebreed, “HeadBangers Ball” circa 2004).

The resemblence is uncanny to me.

My Life: School is growing increasingly harder, I got new Jeans/Vans today, and my phone is broke (along with three thousand songs). And, I watched Juno today. I loved every fucking frame of it. I loved it so much, it deserves it’s own paragraph.

Juno. Words cannot explain my feelings towards this movie. Every acoustic song, every sarcastic reply, and ever heart string pulled, drove my to lust for that kind of love. What was odd was that I didn’t get sad about this, but rather ambitious towards finding said love. I want that cheesy love, and a person to play songs with. (While I’m typing this I’m listening to Owen, it’s so beautiful).  I want someone to tell me they love me.

Juno prompted me to buy a new messenger bag. I got it off ebay. Seeing as I wanted something unique, I bought the bag with an Israeli emblem on it. Awesome.


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Lately, I’ve been getting on Last.Fm much more frequently, and I’ve found that it has expanded my music knowledge further. With bands like Hutch and Kathy, The Format, Andrew Kenny, and Kind of Like Spitting being discovered, I’m sure my lust for this site will continue to grow

Like I said before, I just recently found Hutch and Kathy. Pretty much, they’re the guitarist/singer and bassist of The Thermals. (Which is a supreme group of human beings). In this form, they’re more Folk/Pop oreinated. But, let that not drive you away.

I’m going to start using MediaFire links, seeing as I use it.

Hutch and Kathy/Hutch and Kathy- I’ll find a link when I’m not at school.

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I Feel So Guilty

There are so many really great musicians on my iPod, and computer, that I never get around to meet up with. For example, Arab Strap, A Weather, and Sarah Winchester. Seriously, All of those people are unbeleivably talented. I’ve always had a love for the foreign bands, and Arab Strap tickles that love. A Weather reminds me so much of an empty old house. Finally Sarah Winchester, it’s honestly unexplaneble. Her voice is heavenly, and I never grace it with an appearance.

Now me. I woke up at 11am today, and did not feel like moving. I just sat there, and eventually “Coughing Colors” by Tilly and the Wall got me up.

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That Cadillacs blend into sunrises?

Bikes don’t do well on gravel?

Rochester is slowly becoming a different town?

 I’ll begin with cadillacs. I was going to go down this little grass hill, when a tan cadillac came out from nowhere and almost hit me. Now, I will admit that I was the stupid one, but, he had plenty of time to swerve (more). At the end of the day, I am now scared shitless of being hit by a car. The look on that man’s face made me what to find him, and buy him some dinner. If he’s reading this ( He’s not) , I’m sorry.

The High School parking lot is completely covered with extremely loose gravel. When did this happen? I guess I don’t really notice, because the only time I’m in that area, I’m in my car. But nevertheless, I almost fell, twice. I don’t wear a helmet either. I could’ve died. My life flashed before my eyes.

Now, Rochester. I am in love with this town, but at the same time I hate the inhabitants. I really love the old timey feel of the “Downtown”, but NOTHING is modern. One of the churches is thinking of putting up a cafe, I am very much for this. Not only would it provide a hangout, but I would also like to showcase some of my music, and hopefully Maxx can join me. I digress, when I was young Rochester seemed like a vast land of buildings and tiny subdivisions. Now all I see is construction, which is good, but they’re building a Field House next to the school. Seeing as I only participate in golf, I don’t really care for this. Do we really need to build this monstrocity? No. We barely have enough money to pay our teachers a modest salary. I don’t know if anyone remembers four years ago, but we were streching to build a new Junior High. How can we pay for a Feild House, and a new Elementary School. I hate it. And in that topic, I hate most of the people at my school, heyt, let’s be loud and obnoxious. That’s cool right?

Ben Gibbard is now .2 steps from being next to Conor Oberst. Who covers “Thriller” and “Complicated.

This Man.

Ben Gibbard- “Thriller”- http://www.mediafire.com/?uyddg9awmll

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I realize that I haven’t posted in over a week, but I took the ACT today, and I have the PSAE tomorrow. So, I’ll post sometime later this week.

Along with that, my laptop won’t connect to the Internet.

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I’m Sick

I love when I wake, and can’t breathe.  But, who doesn’t?

I read Fight Club at work yesterday. Weird.

This might be a re-post, but she’s amazing – Emmy the Great- First Love- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JRJER6WX

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Your the corpse in the class. Those two lines make me want to sink into oblivion. Now, I’ve been depressed since, well, let’s say winter sophmore year. But, nowadays it’s mainly a girl issue. OK, not so much a girl issue, more like a human issue. It’s come to my attention that I don’t “Have Anyone”. This is not said in the sense of family or friends, but more like a person that I can turn to and TALK TO (not text, not myspace). Someone that can look me in the eyes and feel what I’m feeling. Someone that I can open up to with them rejecting me, or thinking I’m an overemotional child.

I would be lying if I were to say that I didn’t love someone, because I do. But, I can convince myself that feel anything that is anywhere close to what I feel. I would so anything for her, I would take a bullet for her, and these words do not come from desperation, rather from truth and thought. God knows I’ve had enough sleepless nights thinking and conversing with myself. I was explaining to a friend that, I’ve built up such a wall around myself. It’s a wall built with Music, Loneliness, and Seclusion. I’ve gotten so used to myself that I don’t try for other life. But, there’s always that dying urge inside of me that I need her.

When I was working on my last album, and some of my new one, I played her every song. Now, I don’t know if you know what it’s like to play your crush love songs about her, but all you want is for her to realize that they are all about her. I just want to SCREAM “I NEED YOU”, but I’m probably the most intimidated person ever. And, guess who intimidates me! ME! I DO! I don’t want to be happy, my brain says, so I’m going to mess up everything well and good going for you.

I stood out in the forty degree rain for this girl. I got sick for her! And I would do it a million times over.

This is why I love Conor Oberst. I feel like he knows me, I know I know, everyone feels this, and I’m ok with being a member of this group. He’s the only man I want to sing for me, I only want to hear him to comfort me. For instance, right now I’m listening to Noise Floor, and loving it. It’s funny, this post was supposed to be about Bright Eyes when I was thinking of posting.

So, Ill

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